Unifi Presence Detection

I’ve tried to set up the device tracker component but what ever I try I cannot get it to load or detect devices on my network. Known devices yaml file also does not get updated. Anyone successfully get this component to work and what did you do?

i’m using it without any problem… :slight_smile:

Are your devices appearing within the known_devices.yaml? is it your only tracker?

Are the username and password what you use to access the controller?

Correct - you need to use the username and password for the controller.
If the controller does not run on the same machine as your HASS installation you also need to add the IP address of the machine that runs the controller, e.g.

# Show devices on WLAN Network through the Unifi Controller
  - platform: unifi
# Only required if the controller is not running on the same device
    username: !secret unifi_user
    password: !secret unifi_pass
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That did it. Thanks a lot.

Does this component work with Ubiquiti’s Amplifi router? I’m looking into their Amplifi line of mesh devices.

Also wondering if there is a presence detection component for Amplifi, anyone know of a solution?

I’m assuming it would work if you have a cloud key. That’s how most of this unifi stuff works.

Hi – any news on support for Amplifi? I was curious to try Ubiquiti approach above – but I don’t really have a UserID for Amplifi – just have an IP address + password. Perhaps maybe remoteID.

Just curious if there any formal implementation. I couldn’t find anything on Components.


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Just showing interest. I’m a happy owner of an Amplifi mesh and would love to have presence detection with it.

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I’m interested in Amplifi integration too. I know @balloob now works for Ubiquiti but has said that they won’t receive any special treatment with regard to integrations with Home Asssitant but I believe this would be a great benefit to both Ubiquiti and the Home Assistant users who use their products.

Is this technically possible to implement? Do they have any kind of API that can be accessed securely?

Small Update – when you look at Integrations it “found” my router, so you can get bytes in/out as sensors. This may have been a result of me adding an NMAP. But more detailed presence integration would be great.

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Any update on Amplifi HD supported as a Device Tracker in HA? I’m looking to replace my ASUS home router but I need HA Device Tracker support.

Hi, I do have it working via Amplifi HD at home.
At work now, but will check config when at home.
If I remember it may be working via UPnP which isn’t the most secure thing in the world. But I have UPnP turned off on DSL Router so nothing goes out, but RPi <-> Amplify communication is allowed on same subnet.


I currently don’t do any automations via presence. Played with one, but it is on back burner. I wanted Sonos to play music when I arrive, and I’m the only one home.

My home network is on two segments a) DSL router (wi-fi off) issuing DHCP range (1 address) to amplify. Amplify is on configured to issue DHCP So anything that shows on Amplify will show up for presence.

I would like to use Bayesian sensors, but don’t have the time to investigate/play.

Here is config:

  - platform: bluetooth_tracker
      track_new_devices: false  #Already lots of known
  - platform: nmap_tracker
    track_new_devices: false  #Already lots of known, so don't want more
    interval_seconds: 15  
    consider_home: 180

Lastly: Disregard UPnP – not using it.

Love the simplicity of AmplifyHD. I also have a test Ubiquiti ACPro. Ubiquiti gives you ton more control/configuration, but more expensive and learning curve. I live in Europe (block walls) and no CAT-5, so mesh was only way.

Thanks for sharing, but using nmap to track cell phones is unreliable at best and bluetooth has serious range issues. I’m looking for something that monitors the ARP table on the Amplifi router

Your right. I likely haven’t seen it because I haven’t really done much with it.
For ARP table, noone has done the components for Amplify yet.
But maybe between NMAP + Bluetooh + Bayesian, you have a darn close sensor. Zones are coming as well.

You can get close.

Also interested in AmplifiHD support (for device tracking)

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me too!!

An AmplifiHD addon for hassio would be so good!!