Unifi Protect Integration - Floodlight

I got a new Unifi Floodlight and installed it on my network.
I restarted HA and it picked up the new device but it has no controls - ie it reflects changes I make in unifi, but I can’t control it inside HA.

When I look at the device I see:

But I have seen on a video where a user has a ‘controls’ section:

Unsure what I am missing here.
I als tried to delete the device and have it re-added BUT when I click to delete, it warns me but doesn’t actually remove the device.

Any ideas?

After a lot of reboots and re-adoptions I found the issue… it was my fault (naturally).

The local user I had created (a long time ago) to access Protect via HA only had ‘view’ access. So after enabling that and rebooting HA I now have the ‘controls’ section.

I’ll leave this here in case other people make the same mistake.