Unifi Protect integration: Privacy mode does not fully disable microphone


I’ve noticed that when enabling Privacy mode on Unifi Protect cameras (G4 Instant specifically), the microphone sensitivity drops to 1% but does not fully disable the microphone. The documentation for this integration specifically mentions Privacy mode disables the mic.

Manually adjusting the microphone slider to 0%, privacy mode or not, still does not completely disable the mic.

Any workaround and/or is this something that can be fixed?

I would like to avoid disabling the mic completely using Unifi Dashboard. This is the only camera we have in the house (living room) and is used primarily to keep an eye on our dog when out of the house. The camera is disabled when someone is home. The rest of our Unifi cameras are enabled at all times.

Thank you!! Great integration by the way!

Interested in how this would be done.
I used to trigger Poe to turn off my indoor camera but the power cycles broke the camera…