Unifi Protect Integration Updates

Updating the integration from 8.5 to 8.9 doesn’t work using the GUI. The “HACS” configuration page ( shows correctly that there is an available update but, fails to list the latest version 0.8.9 according to the official changelog. Getting the following following message:
Installed version: v0.8.5
Available version: v0.8.6
Remember that you need to restart Home Assistant before changes to integrations (custom_components) are applied…

After clicking the “UPDATE” button and restarting HA, it never updates. I tried using the “reinstall” option from HACS–>INTEGRATIONS–>UNIFI PROTECT INTEGRATION–>MORE OPTIONS (3 dots) which, allows you to select any version 0.8.5. through - 0.8.9 to reinstall but, to no avail. Do I have to completely remove the integration and reinstall? I hope not because, I’ve already renamed all my cameras, use them in automations, and connected Amazon Rekognition. I dont want to set this up again. Any ideas?

I am not sure why you have these issues with HACS. I can just confirm that all the releases are still available and should be installable.