Unifi Protect media play on Unfi AI 360 Camera stopped working

service: media_player.play_media
  entity_id: media_player.patio_speaker
  media_content_id: media-source://media_source/local/redfox.wav
  media_content_type: audio/x-wav 

i have an automation to play media on Ai 360 camera that stopped working so I manually try to call service to test

“Failed to call service media_player.play_media. Unknown error”

then if I push to test again green check box appears but no audio is heard (HA says it played it)

it was working prior to HA upgrade, Im not sure if it UNIFI or HA,

but HA plays this media fine to my other two cameras it only this AI 360 that I hear no sound now

HA core: 2024.6.3
OS: 12.3
AI 360 : Firmware: 4.71.85

any tips to troubleshoot?

it is the camera HA is fine , it not working via protect app

not sure if this is an issue with HA playing media to AI 360 but seem so based on what has happened to me

I got a new RMA AI-360 camera today and it played media via HA 2x then it also now broken(no audio), audio is heard if factory reset so something seems to be hanging up this camera when HA plays media to it.

so now 2 AI-360s and no media from HA, no that now that causes no Audio from protect APP 2.2 (iOS) can someone look into how this is possible?

log says it played but no audio

Patio Speaker changed to Playing triggered by service Media player: Play media

there seem no way to fix this other then a new device from Unfi
I factory reset camera, reboot Unfi , rebooted HA no audio after HA played media to it
thank you