Unifi Protect object detection

When Unifi Protect was a HACS integration I was able to extract person and vehicle detection from my Unifi cameras via the event message thru NodeRED. I have lost this ability now. I’m not sure when I lost it but checking on it lately I don’t see it anywhere. I deleted the integration and re-added it through the HA integrations page, but I don’t have any _detected_object sensors for any of my cameras. Can someone help?

I just checked my installation (HA OS, Unifi Protect Integration) and my _detected_object entities exist. Your first picture above shows the devices; not the entities, what does your entities tab show?

The entities are on my second screenshot. I have no idea what I need to do to troubleshoot this. You know, maybe I should update HA… it’s been awhile since I have. Hold on while I do this

Didn’t work. I’m running the latest version and I still don’t have object detected sensors. I deleted and re installed the UniFi project integration but no luck. Any ideas?

When I check my entities:


Some are disabled by the integration (they would need to be enabled to work)

I have no _detected_object entities. I’m wondering if I’m somehow still using the HACS integration. See the box icon in the upper right of my attached screen grab? How do I ensure I’m using the correct integration?



Edit: Gah for some reason I’m using a custom_component for Unifi Protect (totally forgot I did this). I’m removing it and going to try the official one.

Edit2: Yup that worked! Thanks for helping me fumble through this.

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With recent upgrades of the Unifi OS I seem to have stumbled into a similar issue…

I used to have a sensor.G4_Object_Detected that used to return a string with the object detected (“person”, “vehicle”)

Now I only have a binary_sensor for object detected, person, vehicle etc which has wrecked my NodeRed flows as they only return on or off.

Is what you were experiencing?