Unifi Protect stopped working. "Unknown error" when trying to configure

My Unifi Protect integration stopped working.

I think this was after protect went to an EA version (which I then downgraded).

I’ve removed it, and when trying to re-add / reconfigure, I get the following error:

(This also happens with auto-discovery, but the IP and port and not requested).

Versions running:
HA: All latest versions
Unifi Protect 2.11.21 (looks official to me, not EA)
Dream machine UniFi OS 3.2.12 (looks official to me, not EA)

I am using the same login as I use when connecting to my dream machine locally (via the IP). If I enter wrong credentials, then I get an error in the tune of that (“Invalid authentication”).

Deleting and reconfiguring unifi network with the same credentials works.

I’ve checked and the user seems set up as per the instructions on the integration:

Livestream is enabled:

How can I debug the configuration step / check logs? Or fix the issue.

Have a search on here there’s lots of post about it. There’s a fix coming. HA Protect doesn’t support EA versions

I’ve the same errors and I updated on the official Version 3.0.22 of unifi protect.

I am also having the same issue on non-EA version of Protect.

Unifi OS: 3.2.12
Protect version: 3.0.22
HA version: 2024.3.1

The current HA version (2024.3.1) hasn’t got the updated HA Protect, look out for it in a future HA release

i had the same problem today and edited the python config file according to this changerequest, that fixed the problem for me :wink:

File: /usr/local/lib/python3.12/site-packages/pyunifiprotect/data/types.py

I can’t access that file with the terminal app in HA (I’m running HAOS on a standalone RPi)

It’ll be fixed in 2024.3.2


I can confirm 2024.3.2 fixed the issue for me, running the official 3.X version.