UniFi Threat Alert form HA

Does anyone have any insight as what this might mean?
It is a threat alert from my UniFi controller.

Threat Management Alert 1: Potential Corporate Privacy Violation. Signature ET P2P eMule KAD Network Connection Request. From:, to:, protocol: UDP is my HA VM on my NUC.

The only exposure to the outside world is via NabuCasa.



If I had to bet my life savings on one of the following:

  1. Home assistant being infected or doing something nefarious


  1. Ubiquiti’s deep packet inspection being a bit rubbish and giving a false positive

I know which one I would choose., is mDNS, which Home Assistant uses for discovery.

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I think I do too hence my attempt at a calm and unemotional question :slight_smile:

Thanks for the info…

Lol. I feel young again :joy:

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