UniFi UDM failed to connect

I am not sure if anyone else is having issues with their UniFi Dream Machine but the UDM just updated it’s web interface and now Home Assistant fails to connect. I tried to delete integration and reinstall it. No luck. Error is “Failed to connect”. Error log does not say anything more than failed to connect.

Please help. This is what I used for presence detection which is now disabled.


I too am having trouble connecting, was just trying to setup this integration I think the url has changed but I cant get it to connect have you found a solution?

Hi @pdkwork, got it working by using port 443.


The port was the problem, thanks! I was still leaving the port as 8443 and there was an update which I noticed when the dashboard changed. Reviewing the integration notes mentions for UDM Pro to use 443 but I have the UDM. I guess they are close enough.

Thanks I have presence detection back.

I’m also trying to get the unifi integration working with my UDM (the base, not the pro). I created a local user with admin rights but when I enter the credentials in the integration setup window I get the message “Aborted” when I use port 443 and “Failed to connect” when I use port 8443. I’m stuck. Anyone know what I should do to get this integration working?