Unifi Video Multiple Cameras

I am having trouble seeing multiple cameras through UniFi Video component.

Setup worked on first try, showing 1 camera only. Can’t figure out how to define, or find more cameras.



  • platform: uvc
    nvr: !secret unifi_ip
    port: !secret unifi_port
    key: !secret unifi_video_key
    password: !secret unifi_video_pw

I tried adding this section a second time to the config to see if it just loaded the next camera, but it made two instances of the same camera.

I currently have 3 cameras hooked up and running in my NVR.

Anyone else use multiple cameras? it feels like I’m just missing something stupid, but I didn’t’ see anything in the documentation or other posts.

Found the solution, posting it here for others with same silly problem.

Groups have to have access to each camera that you want to see, I had created a group, then added more cameras.

It was a bit hard to find where to edit groups in the UniFi NVR (hope they make this more obvious in future versions) you have to:

Go to Users screen
Select a user in the group you want to edit
Click the Blue pencil button next to the group on the users’s side bar
make your changes