UniFi Video Unable to Login

Has anyone got the unifi component to work for them? Ive tried all kinds of stuff and I always get unable to login in the logs. I am using the API key i got from unifi ui, ive even tried created differnernt users and using there keys. Ive tried using the minmimun config in ha and everything with no luck.

Here is my config:

  • platform: uvc
    nvr: 10.1.1.xxx
    key: keyigotfromunifiinterface

that is the ip of my nvr and not the ip of my camera btw.

I notice you can enter password. but not user. I have a specific user login for my nvr. I dont have an admin or root account. is it trying to log into a specific account? Im not sure how it would know the usernameā€¦thanks

did you get this working ?