Unifiptotect G4 PTZ

The Unifi G4 PTZ supports position presets in the latest firmware.
It it very helpful if HA was able to set position points of the PTZ camera.

G4 PTZ support 11 positions 0…9 and a home Position.

If you get motion triggers from the alarm, it great if you can move the camera position to one of the presets that matches the zone.
This way you can use the PTZ camera with different detections methods.
And its usable to move the camera to positions with other triggers or time schedules.

Thanks for the info.

I don’t know if they have the option in the API to call a service for the presets.
I was more thinking of a services call to go to a preset, 10 individual Buttons is not manageable I agree.

So there is a Unifi Protect API, GitHub - hjdhjd/unifi-protect: A nearly complete implementation of the UniFi Protect API.. I haven’t played with it all yet, it’s all been reverse engineered through trial and error. Just looking at the documentation I’m not certain if we’d be able to control the presets through there. You can get events and such pretty easily, and take snapshots. The presets are currently called in the Unifi WebUI by hitting the number keys 0-9, or R for home. I guess the thing to do would be to try and snoop the conversation in the browser and see maybe what it is sending to the controller to do command these. I’d like to see this so we could implement a simple patrol route. You know, the basic PTZ feature this $1800 camera lacks out of the box for the last 3 years. lol