Unify APs not showing up

Hi. I am an extreme noob with Home Assistant and thus far managed to create a dedicated VM and set up everything with the help of online tutorials and help files from the HA Community. Thank you!

I do however have an issue with getting to see my two Ubiquity Unify APs in Home Assistant. I have downloaded the Network App on HA and signed into my account. I don’t have a cloud controller as I am understanding that HA can act as a controller with the add-on.

The Two APs was set up without a cloud controller and I can access both on my iPhone Unify app - what can I do to see the two devices in HA? I am really stuck and cannot find a lot of online info, except for connecting via SSH to the AP and change some info - but for some reason I cannot seem to connect to the AP IP address.

No, the integration is just a client to a UniFi Controller running as software on a PC or on an appliance, like Cloud Key, Dream Machine or Dream Router

Okay thanks. I guess I will need to get a cloud controller.

If you are using the supervised HA I believe there’s a Unifi Controller add-on - not something I’ve had experience with though.
If you are using HA container you can run the Unifi Network Controller in a docker container (or natively installed on a suitable environment) separately.
The above options will give you the ability to use the Unifi Network integration without additional hardware (unless you want to).

Alternatively you may be able to use multiple instances of the Unifi Direct integration but it may get messy to manage IMHO.

I’m using the dedicated Unifi hardware controller at home (just moved from Cloud Key Gen2+ to UDR) but run a full Unifi network and camera setup.
On my employer’s office HA setup we use the Unifi network controller installed on the same NUC that runs HA container.


I managed to get both my Unify AP-LR access points into my Unify Network on HA.

Basically I logged into the Unify Network app on my phone (used to set up the APs independently initially without controller). Selected the first AP and clicked RESET.

REMEMBER: Change the setting on the Unify Network HA add-on to manually ‘inform’ - I added my HA IP address and restarted HA.

Following this, the AP was shown in the Unify Network add-on on HA. I was now able to adopt the AP in HA Unify add-on. I repeated the same step with the other AP.

Both APs are now successfully integrated into my Unified controller on HA. I guess this would keep working on the HA ‘controller’ for as long as I have HA installed and using it.