Unify Automation YAML and UI mode


I would like to suggest the possibility of having both automations (manual and through the UI) unified into a way where we can both edit the files or have the UI doing it.

Nowadays using the UI is so simple that sometimes I just prefer to use the two. I acknowledge it’s complicated to have the UI reformatting all of your scripts.
However, I must argue it’s even more restrictive to show “You cannot edit this automation because it’s file-based” rather than “Are you sure you want to edit this automation? Here’s what may happen…”


I don’t think file-based automations should be black boxes that only show up in the UI to keep track of them. It should be up to the user to decide.

My ultimate goal would not be to change any YAML-based behaviour or prejudice the manual-based users, but instead to offer a new possibility to everyone who still enjoys using a combination of both without having a single concatenated automations.yaml file. In addition, doesn’t bother about the lost of reformatting if the UI benefits make up for it.