Unify person tracker setup

Do I have to install the Unify Controller or can I use my cloudkey for Unify presence detection?

How would I have to set this up?

Sorry for such an “simple” question, but I’m not sure where to start…

The Cloud Key IS the controller.

Follow the directions on the integration page for it.

Start with the documentation.

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Do I need to install the Unify Controller add in first?

Because it asks me to setup Wi-fi and such, which I dont want to.

NO. You’re already running the Unifi Controller (The Cloud Key)

I see it now; had to install it through “Integrations”. Since my interface was a different language I was looking wrongly.

You’re not “installing” anything. You’re just turning the integration on and connecting it to your controller. The add-on is for running the controller software if you don’t already have a cloud key or another controller on your network.

One thing you need to know:
Add-ons are OTHER APPS that complement Home Assistant. They are not the integrations themselves.

Integrations/Components are included in every install of Home Assistant, and are part of the core of Home Assistant.

Add-ons are NOT integrations or components.