Uninstall completely Home Assistant core from Ubuntu 22.04 in order to re-install it as OS on KVM

Hi all .
Being new and not too experienced ( not aware of the different versions ), I installed Home Assistant core 2024.2.5 on Ubuntu 22.04 ).
I would actually like to install the OS version instead on a KVM virtual machine also on ubuntu 22.04 ,
when I try to install it it gives me an error, Probably because of the previously installed core version.

Here is the official HA Installation guide for KVM. Scroll down to the HYPERVISOR SPECIFIC CONFIGURATION" and you’ll see a couple of tabs KVM (virt-manager) and KVM (virt-install)

Here is a Community Guide that is pretty good for the virt-install method. It is for a headless/CLI driven system, but if you have a display/keyboard or a remote desktop to your system, you can use virt-manager UI instead of virsh command line to install and manage the VM. I actually use the virt-manager based install method.

I should add that what you probably did the first time was to install HA Core either in a Python-venv or a Docker based. You can just remove those as they are not needed.

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Exactly , I installed HA Core in a Python-venv and would you excuse me but I dont know how to completely remove them .

When I did this in the past, I would create a Python-venv in a directory specifically for homeassistant. If you don’t have any other programs using python-venv in that directory, then just simply remove that directory and all subdirectories under it.

I dont have other program using python-venv .
wich comand on terminal have to use to remove the directory and all subdirectories under it ?

Or follow this guide for KVM install; precise resulting in a flawlessly running instance of HA. Debian based, just adjust for Ubuntu.

rm -r /direcrtory

or use mc if it is installed

It says A port already exists by the name org.qemu.guest_agent.0.
Check you configuration to see where you have two serial port defined and see if they have the same name.

how can I check and where , Sorry but it’s all new for me .

Provide detailed information on what you have done so far.

I installed the HA core version on ubuntu 22.04 following the official HA guide (everything went well) when I realised that I didn’t need the core version but rather the OS version I tried to install it from the official guide on KVM (virt-manager) creating the error I posted. in addition, trying to solve the problem I logged out of the HA platform which I can no longer connect to.

In Virtual-Manager, select your HA VM, click ‘open’, and a Window should pop up
with the tittle “name-of-your-VM on QEMU/KVM”. Select View->Details
There should be a column on the left showing all the items configured for this VM.
Post a snapshot of this.

The error appeared while I was trying to create the virtual machine so I could not execute your advice .
I would like to take this opportunity to inform you that i solved the problem by changing step 3. of the official guide which is easy to misunderstand as i was selecting ubutnu 2020 since i use ubuntu 22.04 .
I take this opportunity to thank you for your attempt.