Uninstall Home Assistant / Remove from iMac

Hello, I succesfully installed Python 3.5 and Home Assistant on my iMac (OS Sierra 10.12.3) then decided to get a Rasp.Pi3 instead to run HA. The Pi is now running on same network. I want to remove the installation now from my iMac - Does anyone know how? I dragged the Python icon in the Applications folder to the trash and emptied the trash, but there is no similar “Home Assistant” icon to trash.
The command “hass --open-ui” still opens HA. I used this command to install HA on the iMac:
$ pip3 install homeassistant

Thank you, if any Mac OS experts are out there!

Uninstall it with pip3.

I did this:

hass --script macos uninstall

pip3 uninstall homeassistant

rm -r ~/.homeassistant

then rebooted, and I still get a login page at http://localhost:8123

I think it was due to chrome caching the page. I deleted the cache, and the site did not load.

Could you elaborate pleease on how to unistall with pip3?

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