Uninstall LCAR


I installed LCAR Star trek theme thinking it was cool. It changed my main ‘Overview’ dashboard and I am not able to open the yaml code for that dashboard. Turns out LCAR was above my head. I need bigger fonts, better colors, etc. I’d like to go back to the original home assistant theme. I don’t see any graphical way to tell Lovelace to remove the LCAR theme. Can I just use the terminal to manually delete the files in the .storage and anything else that looks like LCAR related? Thanks for the help.


Did you install it manually or through HACS?

If HACS: remove it through HACS.

If manually: do the reverse of what you did to install it.

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Thank YOU Tom! I thought it was so ingrained that it would be more difficult than that. Went to hacs and removed it, and instantaneously it reverted back to the regular colors and fonts.

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