Uninstalling theme in HACS deletes entire theme directory

I had the following in my log:
“You have sinclairpaul/ha_purple_theme installed with HACS this repository has been removed, please consider removing it. Removal reason (blacklist)”

So I want to HACS and uninstalled Purple Theme.
This action then deleted my whole themes directory, so I only had access to the default theme.
I am on Home Assistant 0.109.6

Just to check, I reinstalled a snapshot to repeat the process, but the same thing happened. I’m probably doing something wrong, but just wanted to warn people!

Have you reported this as a bug to the hacs repo?

. I uninstalled a custom_component which repository was archived, Hacs deleted all my custom_components.

No, but that’s a good idea - I’ll do it tonight.

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