Unipi 1.1 board 0-10 V output control - which HA nodes to use?

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I’m quite new to home assistant, trying to migrate from iobroker to HA now.

I have unipi 1.1 board which has 0-10 V analog output that I’m using to control the level of my air ventilation system in our house. 0 V would mean 0%, 10 V 100%.

Installed the Node-RED addon and imported the flows from Node-RED instance which is installed as iobroker addon.

I’m not sure about the types of home assistant nodes I should use in order to have input from HA on the one hand:

And input from unipi (Evok API) websocket connection on the other hand.

In iobroker Node-RED I’m just having same object as used once as input node and once as output node so that the level of my ventilation is always in sync:

What are the best nodes to use in HA to achieve the same?

The events: state node seems to work fine with setting the value from HA as a slider and getting it immediately into Node RED.

What node type can I use to write updated value to same HA entity in case the change would happen via Unipi webinterface?

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You would use a call service node. The value at msg.payload from the incoming message will be the value sent to the input number.

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Thanks @Mikefila.

This is exactly what I needed. Now it works both ways to set value:

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