Unique entity ID


I have an odd question. I am using the ical sensor integration to create entities based on my next events.

I am also using the awesome Dwains Dashboard and would like to mark one of the ical entities as a favourite, but to do so it needs to be set to an area. Unfortunately, areas can’t be set for entities without a unique ID.

Any help highly appreciated!

I don’t see an “ical integration” here, can you provide a link to it?

That being said usually there is nothing users can do about this. You will need to make a feature request for the integration asking the author to update it to create entities in the registry with unique IDs.

Some integrations (like the Template integration) provide a unique ID option for users to fill in which is why I wanted to check the integration. But generally it is something handled by the integration itself and a PR is required to change how it creates entities.

Sure that’s the one GitHub - tybritten/ical-sensor-homeassistant: an iCal Sensor for Home Assistant

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Hm it says its setup using the GUI. Integrations setup using the GUI always have unique IDs for their entities I thought. Are you using the YAML config option for that integration by any chance? If so that might be the issue, you should migrate to the GUI setup option.

EDIT: Nope I take it back. I don’t see any evidence of a unique ID in here. Hadn’t really seen that before but does appear the integration is creating sensors without a unique ID even though it itself is setup via the GUI. Saw you submitted a feature request, I definitely think that’s required.