"unit_of_measurement" in current language


would be possible to translate unit_of_measurement in current UI language ?
For example I have

unit_of_measurement: days

in my template.
If it’s possible, how should I proceed ?

Thank you in advance,


Ciao Simone, intendi tradurre “unit_of_measurement” in “Unità di misura”?

Non credo di aver capito esattamente

I want to translate the unit.

So for example if configuration is “unit_of measurement: days” I would like to see in the UI “days” or “giorni” based on the current selected language.


I don’t think it’s possible change just the language of the “unit_of_measurement” setting the language, because the language is detected for the browser, but the “unit_of_measurement” is setting on the code side.
If there was a way to move the behavior of HASS.IO depending on the selected language, automation could be created

You can easily change the “unit_of_measurement” by the customization option.

Sorry, I don’t get your point.

FrontEnd should get the value from configuration.yaml, “days” in this case and then apply a translation based on current language.
That’s it.

If this feature is not there, I’ll create a FR.


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I would like to have the same!
The frontend shows ‘seconds’. I would like to have it in Dutch .