Unit Of Measurement not shown in Lovelace

I want to show my current Energy Price in my Dashboard, along the current EPEX price.
I use the Nordpool integration to fetch the latest price and the I have 2 template sensors to calculate the current Consumption and Production Price from that.

When I want to show those 3 values in an Entity card, only the EPEX price from the Nordpool integration shows “EUR/kWh” at the end.

Since the 2 template sensors store their value as a State instead of an Attribute, I can’t format the entity in the dashboard with a Suffix.

What can I do to fix this?

    - name: "Energy Price Consumption"
      device_class: monetary
      unit_of_measurement: EUR/kWh
      state: "{{ (((state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_nl_eur_4_10_0', 'current_price')) * 1.09) + 0.06729) | float }}"

    - name: "Energy Price Production"
      device_class: monetary
      unit_of_measurement: EUR/kWh
      state: "{{ (((state_attr('sensor.nordpool_kwh_nl_eur_4_10_0', 'current_price')) * 1.09) + 0.00000) | float }}"


type: entities
  - entity: sensor.energy_price_consumption
    icon: mdi:currency-eur
    name: Verbruik incl. BTW
  - entity: sensor.energy_price_production
    icon: mdi:currency-eur
    name: Terugleveren incl. BTW
  - entity: sensor.nordpool_kwh_nl_eur_4_10_0
    icon: mdi:currency-eur
    name: EPEX prijs Excl. BTW
title: Huidige Prijzen
state_color: false

Do you really have these UoMs set for these template sensors?
Goto Dev tools → States and find these sensors.
Post screenshots for these sensors.
Also, any reason of specifying a “monetary” device_class?