Universal Devices Integration - HA stopped working

Further to https://github.com/home-assistant/core/issues/74563#issuecomment-1191792397 I did a copy/paste of

in configuration.yaml (restart required)

default: info
pyisy: debug
homeassistant.components.isy994: debug

Call logger.set_level from Developer Tools > Services, only reload of ISY994 integration required

pyisy: debug
homeassistant.components.isy994: debug

and now my Home Assistant stopped working completely. I can no longer access either directly or through my Nabu account. I restarted the Rpi twice but no luck.

You need to edit the configuration.yaml to get this out again. Depening on your setup this is more/less easy…possibly via ssh, do check outher posts on how to ssh to your config folder/dir and editing

I am just not that knowledgeable and have no idea how to do that. I wish someone would post idiot proof step by step instructions. I have worked once with SHH using Putty to updaste mu Universal Devices’ Polisy, but that was by following step by step instructions.
90% in this forum are technically much smarter than I am, but I really want to understand (and use) configuration.yaml.

I understand/agree that these elements are not easy for those that never worked in the realms of operating systems but sometimes there is no other option. Note that the HA devs are continuously improving the front-end to reduce the need of back-end tweaking but this will take time and cases like this may never see a solution.
Before I give it a try, note that I am not sure what type of HA installation you have and I ‘only’ know the docker/container version quite well… this may have to end up with someone else
After your login to ssh, what do you see when you type ‘ls -l’ followed by return? ‘ls’ lists the files/folders on your current point in the folder-tree. The option -l extends the information.

BTW, you may need to view a unix for beginners video … youtube has a few <20mins

Thanks so much. Right now I have @MrBill (a fellow ISY-Polisy user) help me step-by-step and I am making progress. I have for sure a mental block when it comes to programming and until the front-end of HA becomes easier for people like me, I will use HA mostly as a front for my ISY-Polisy (which is an excellent system). I will add some features and integrations that are easy but most likely I have to stay away from the more complicated aspects.

OK, good and then please close this topic.
In slightly smaller way…you could compare this with trying to resolve a bug in Windows, also there you would need specialists. HA is not an application, it is a platform

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