Universal Media Player override entity_picture attribute

I’m trying to use Universal Media Player to combine a google cast media player for my Nvidia Shield and the android tv media player for the same physical device. In general I want things to mirror the Google Cast entity, so I’m listing that as the first child and it works as-expected. However, I want the artwork to be pulled in from ADB/Android TV integration entity. This does not seem to be possible with the current Universal Media Player in any capacity. The UMP documentation says “Most, if not all, media player attributes can be overridden” but I’ve tried entity_picture, entity_picture_local, and media_image_url in both standard and _template form but nothing has worked. So I’m guessing this isn’t currently possible which brings me here as a feature request. That said, if anyone has come across this use-case before and has a suggestion, I’d be more than happy to be wrong about this if it means I can finally get my Google Cast artist/track/duration and my ADB image mashed into a single media_player entity for my dashboard.

Can you not just list the android as the first child and then template anything else that needs to be changed?

I tried but that did not work either, volume attributes worked and were overriden, but duration, app_name, media_title and more didn’t override on UMP. So rather than request all those things override I figured it’d be easier to just request some sort of image override.

Same here… I was trying to get some attributes like app_name, media_title, media_artist, album_name, entity_picture and couldn’t make it work.
Any update about it?
Funny fact is that a template sensor work with those attributes (it even gets the picture).

If I add a children in my config, it gets all those attributes mentioned. The " problem " is that it will get all the commands and other attributes as well and I don’t want that.

use this instead :slight_smile:

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