Universal Remote (RF or Bluetooth) to output IR inside cabinet

Looking for a simple (inexpensive) physical remote control that communicates via RF or Bluetooth to a device inside a cabinet that outputs IR (preferably via 3.5mm plug).

Cheers, Richard

Not just an IR extender?
They are very cheap and you can use the original remote instead

Thanks for responding. This is not an opportunity for an IR Extender.

I would think this is a simple problem, but everything I’ve seen is either expensive or focused on interacting with voice and phone. I already have that covered.

I spent thousands on my previous IR system that will eventually be thrown away. This time I’d rather buy remotes at throw-away prices.

In theory you could use any RF remote and an Broadlink Pro.
It can receive the RF, pass it to HA, and HA can send an IR from the Broadlink.

I dont quite understand what you are looking for here. If all you want to do is pass a IR signal to a device inside a cabinet, why wont an extender work?
I used this to pass IR to devices in other rooms:

You can also get a Harmony Hub, but its more expensive. Once the remote is paired to the base it doesnt need line of sight.

There are simpler and cheaper versions of IR extenders, but that is what I was thinking too at first.

This is one of the types I have

The USB is just for power.
The “large” end is the reciever and the smaller end is the sender.
It works great on our kitchen TV.
This is to make sure the Broadlink can send a command even when the TV is in the “stowed” position.

esphome with IR transmitter ?

The cabinet is behind the viewers. There’s no acceptable way to extend a cable to a position in front of the viewers. And I would have a hard time convincing my family to point a remote over their shoulder every time they want to change the volume.

However, the extender idea has led me to a wireless option. I might try the Sewell Direct BlastIR Wireless Pro IR Repeater

I had this and it worked very well. The one you posted my be newer tech though.
This one has a transmitter that replaces a battery in the remote. I have no idea how that sorcery works, but it does.

But you could have two cheap extenders in the room.
One in front of you to receive the signal and fire it back behind them, then a second on to receive it behind you and route it in the cabinet

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It might not be necessary. It would depend on the power of the remote and/or extender. My Broadlink stands on a cabinet with the TV, amp and other equipment. The amp is in a rack below the Broadlink and the TV is next to it. They all face the same direction (the Broadlink doesn’t face any devices directly) and the Broadlink’s signal is picked up just fine. I guess that’s why it’s called a blaster.

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Interesting idea. A ricochet. I’ve ordered some extenders to play with.

Thank you all.

You can run those receiver wires as long as you need them to be. you can easily run enough to go from front of the room to back. As long as you can hide them.

You will get a voltage drop which could affect the output of the transmitter.