Universal zigbee gateway

Because some people do not own

  • a CC debugger
  • CC2531 USB sniffer
  • Downloader cable CC2531

and other people might not want their zigbee gateway to be reliant on a Raspberry Pi.

Count me in to both categories.

And people do not own a zigate so how they do ??? they buy a zigate lol

You are totally wrong dude, the price for CC debugger and CC2531 is twice as less expensive than the zigate.
If people don’t know how to buy that stuff on aliexpress, plug a cable and click on a button to flash a firmware, they are not enough competent to set up a home assistant system.

And by the way, you can run zigbee2mqtt on any hardware you have your home assistant, like a NUC.

+1 for zigbee2mqtt.

It has good Doc’s to follow along with.

It took me a hour or so to read and flash the CC2531.
And a few days of skimming through the wiki’s and git issues before setting up the software.
I went with the Hass.io package of zigbee2mqtt. It was a breeze to install and setup.

I only have 6 zigbee devices, four a19 bulbs, a Osram rgb bulb and a GE/Wink wall switch. All work as good or better then the Wink hub I was using before.

I’m happy I went with zigbee2mqtt.

I have no intention of purchasing all that stuff for one-time use. How wasteful is that ??

If there was a way to get a Zigbee2mqtt gateway pre-flashed, then I might consider it and advise others to go that route.

I would still be stuck with the USB problem, Home Assistant runs in a VM and thus has no access to USB. Even if it did, the server is located at the extremity of the house, signal quality would certainly be an issue.
So, that leaves me with the choice of a Pi + Zigbee2mqtt ? I already said that this is not an option.

tl;dr : The only standalone zigbee gateway that i know of, is this Zigate thing.

Zigate is far to expensive for most of us, $108 AUD then shipping costs

That is OK, each to their own and no solution will suit everyone. You could of course run zigbee2mqtt on your server and routers around the house.

But please people, stop snapping at each other.

I tried zigbee2mqtt and did flash the CC2531. But my issue is that it only has support for 15 devices and it’s unclear how to remove devices.

With all that said I have limited knowledge about zigbee in home assistant.

If anyone could point me to some resources to learn about it or a comparison between the solutions I would be very happy.

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Talk to @h4nc, who has made very professional version pre-flashed and with extended range antenna.

or see here (for german market):


see my post here:

Thanks @hijinx for that kind recommendation.

Both of your options “talking too me” and “ebay kleinanzeigen” will end up in contacting me, because the ad at ebay kleinanzeigen is also mine.

@Tommmii feel free to contact me any time.
However, I added this to my ad in the zigbee2mqtt forum.
Maybe this post is an answer for your question:

I have no intention of purchasing all that stuff for one-time use. How wasteful is that ??

Hopefully and most probable (because their not a lot of posts about that = not a lot of people experienced that issue) your stick will never crash, but until we don’t know what causes a crash (@koenkk ) I recommend having a CC Debugger as a backup.

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Sure you’re welcome. I knew both are you :slight_smile:

@hijinx, I like your ready made option. I really like the SMA connector mod.

Did you cut off the trace antenna (at some point) to use the external option? or left it as is?

It sort of looks as if it’s cut between the two right most pins of the SMA connector.(as seen from the ebay pic’s) and the remaining antenna trace is connected to the GND of the SMA connector. It that correct?

I already thought that but wanted to make it clear for everyone.

@Akriss yes the traces are cut the way you described it. I think the pictures pretty much describe themselves.
Now all you need are the right tools and parts for it to do that mod. Have fun.

Solder iron or hot air?

Please say hot air.
I may use this as a good excuse to buy a inexpensive hot air reworking station. :slight_smile:

I use a solder iron, you can probably also use a hot air gun.

I have tried both firmwares and even purchased ikea trådfri plugsockets for routers.

But to me it’s unclear how to pair to routers, how do I know where trafic goes? How do I unpair devices?

I hav reflashed the usb sniffer four times and only worked the first time, but I wanted to add more than 15 devices so i tried the firmware for 44 devices, but it didn’t seem to work.

So to sum up I am just really confused with zigbee and just want everything to work:))

TBH I agree with you. I think this is one of the areas where zigbee2mqtt is not strong - documentation is often a problem with rapidly evolving open source projects
You pair a router just like any other device.
But once you have routers paired it is not clear (at least to me) how devices device whether to pair with a router or the coordinator.
If you didnt yet install it, you should add the zigbee network map addon. Its v useful to see your network.

I also installed that and got it up and running. But then devices wouldn’t connect anymore. So I just gave up and went back to the xiaomi gateway which randomly speaks Chinese…

I think zigbee2mqtt has a lot of potential, but I don’t want to spend more time trying to figure it out.

Have you tried any other better options?

Hi all. If anyone is interested, then we started developing a universal open-source hardware gateway, based on esp32 and NXP JN5169/68, or you can use Zigate board with its firmware

But comments to code only Russian ) Ssory
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How is going with this?