Unknown service: time.set_value

Just moved from one plugin to another, needed to change my script that performs the same actions but uses different entity types, and I’m seeing this. The code does appear to work but curious if I’ve missed something to write to this entity? Thanks

OI Tesla Smart uses an unknown service
The automation “OI Smart” (automation.oi_check_everything) has an action that calls an unknown service: time.set_value.
This error prevents the automation from running correctly. Maybe this service is no longer available, or perhaps a typo caused it.
To fix this error, edit the automation and remove the action that calls this service.
Click on SUBMIT below to confirm you have fixed this automation.

This is the code:
- service: time.set_value
entity_id: time.octopus_energy_a_0000000a_intelligent_ready_time
time: “11:00:00”
alias: OI Target Time 11am

There is no native Home Assistant integration for time. The closest is input_datetime so this integration and it’s service calls must have been provided by a 3rd party integration.

service: time.set_value is native in HA, it’s available in the UI and it’s not provided by this third party plugin. It’s perplexing.

I guarantee that the time domain is not native in Home Assistant and therefore there is no service to set the time. If you have time.set_time showing up in the services page in dev tools - then it is being provided by a third party integration in the custom_components folder.


It is actually part of Home Assistant, but not for 1st party use - there is definitely a 3rd party integration that you have installed that is using this.

Thanks, Andrew. I’ll be honest, I have no idea what service is providing this.

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I think Andrew is wrong. The service is AFAIK HA native. Perhaps it is only visible, when you have an time entity, which is given from whichever integration.

Andrew was indeed wrong, hence the edit.
Time is indeed native to HA, but NOT to users. It’s a building block for integrations to use, there is no ability to create something in the time domain for normal users.