"Unknown" state/sensor value

Hi, I have an esp8266 run espeasy. I have had very good luck using them except for now. I have a flow meter which is just a hall-effect sensor and a rotary encoder hooked up. On the espeasy config I see values coming from both sensors, but on home assistant all I can see is the value from the rotary encoder. Espeasy is configured with the generic pulse counter for the flow meter and has 3 values with just numbers. My yaml config is setup exactly the same for the rotary encoder and the flow sensor so they should both be getting values as they’re both just pulse counters basically.

In home assistant it just says “unknown” for the flow meter state values. I’m using mqtt. Any ideas?

Could you share some of your config to help us understand how you set it up and allow us to maybe spot something?

Thanks for the reply. Here’s the rotary encoder and flow meter in my sensor.yaml file.

- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: "/ESP4TEST/dimmer/state"
  name: "dimmer"
  qos: 0

- platform: mqtt
  state_topic: "/ESP4TEST/flow/count"
  name: "flow meter"
  qos: 0

can you share what messages are sent/received at these topics?
I take the above is declared under sensor:in your config.yaml?

As you can see I get the state from the dimmer, but it just says unknown for the flow sensor.

I really need to see the mqtt message to understand why it’s not showing up in HA…

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Ok gotcha. Is that done from the espeasy interface or HA?

I figured out how to see the MQTT messages. I’ll have to set everything back up and I’ll get back to you with what they’re saying.