Unknown/Unavailable alerts

I’ve been having issues with some of my automations NOT running because my cloud integrations would randomly go offline causing the entities to be unknown/unavailable.

What are you guys using to alert on these cases so they can be addressed immediately?

fyi, I’ve tried Blueprints like ‘Unavailable entity detection & notification’ but these and similar are based on schedules which are often once a day and list to many entities which I have to probably exclude from monitoring. Additionally, it doesn’t monitor the Integrations themselves.

I would like to get an alert from an ‘Active’ entity that goes into Unknown/Unavailable.



Use a state trigger.

  - platform: state
    entity_id: cover.garage
    to: unavailable 
  - service: notify... etc.

Hmm… that could work. How is that done for any entity, not just a specific one?

There’s also the Watchman integration from HACS, which will send notifications, but as you say it has to be scheduled. You can call it as a service, though - after a restart, say.