Unknown Zigbee / Signify device (re)appearing

I have a HA installation with a USB EZSP Silicon Labs router.
For several days an unknown device appears, it seems to be a Hue light but all of my Hue lights are present with other devices. When I delete it, it reappears the next day at the latest. Switching it “off” just results in an error.

That’s the device information:

Anyone got an idea what that could be? A device from my neighbors? But that shouldn’t reconnect all the time to my ZHA instance.

IIRC, Hue devices not paired with a coordinator will stay in pairing mode forever.
ZHA itself doesn’t, though. Are you suggesting the device reappears even when ZHA in not in pairing mode?

It might be a neighbor using it via bluetooth only. In Z2M you can block devices from joining, can you not do that in ZHA?

Yes, I delete and it auto-reappears, even I do not go into pairing mode