Unkown login attempt & how to know the details

I have a dynmaic IP, so i’ve setup duckdns with my home network port. I access why HA backend with http://xxx.duckdns.org
Recently i’ve found several fail login attempts daily, and one of the 'Gate" toggle were ‘on’.
Is there any way i can check what are the success login, and who triggered any HA (ex: user opened the “gate”)?

some suggestions would be appreciated

Side question, should i be very worried on my home network with such unknown fail login attempts? I don’t have other personal info stored in HA, other than my location (the attempt seems from US address, and im not in US).

If you have open ports in your router you have to expect this sort of attempted intrusion.

The good news is that it was blocked.

Thanks for reply, so I can know this can be expected.
I just checked on my logbook, I’ve noticed “Supervisor” enabled my “Gate” toggle on panel, and it should not been enabled. Does this “Supervisor” means it’s not the admin user I’ve created myself? I have a three accounts created and only the one I’m using have admin right. But the other two also have access to the “Gate” toggle(these two users won’t enable the toggle” Could it be the login was blocked but was able to control the “Gate”?
I wanted to know the possibility of if outsider can access to HA, perhaps i should reinstall everything to be safe?