Unlocking Phone w/ Under Display Fingerprint Sensor Registers as Dashboard Button Press

I’ve had a Pixel 6a (which has an under display fingerprint sensor) for some time, but I recently noticed that if the HA app is open when the phone is locked, when I unlock it with the fingerprint sensor, it regularly then registers a tap or long-press in the app immediately after it unlocks. It’s possible that it’s always done this and I just never noticed it and/or my main dashboard changed JUST enough that there’s now something right in the spot where my fingerprint sensor is, but I don’t recall it doing this before and my main dashboard is quite static.

I’ll also mention that I’m not holding my finger on the screen for an abnormal amount of time after it unlocks and that I frequently don’t even realize it’s been registered as a press until quite a while later (I have a light that is what usually gets pressed and I’ll notice that it’s on).

Just curious if anyone else has experienced this and if it’s something that could even be addressed in the app?