Unplugged ZWave devices showing as active

I’ve been happily using Hassio for a few days and have a Fibraro dual switch (223) paired up securely working fine, also exposing its state to HomeKit. All good so far.

However when I remove the power from the dual switch HA still allows me to change the state of the switch in LoveLace, however on the ZWave card it shows as dead.
When I look at the ZWave log it shows the device is dead, but both switches the device provides seem to live on.

This worries me somewhat as how can I really know if the state shown to me is correct. Same goes for HomeKit, the state gets updated in there, instead I would expect it to say unresponsive.

I’ve not changed any parameters on the Fibraro dual switch, so everything except this situation works perfectly.

Any suggestions?