Unplugging and plugging Zigbee coordinator lost all connections

Hello, I am new to home assistant and know very little about it. I am running home assistant OS on intel based Lenovo laptop.

I have been using Sonoff Dongle Pluse E to connect my Zigbee devices (Aqara, Tuya and couple of other devices) via Zigbee2MQTT using Mosquitto broker. I recently unplugged the dongle and reconnected it. However, after reconnecting the dongle, all my devices have stopped working. When I see the map in Zigbee2MQTT I find all the devices but they are not connected to the coordinator i.e. Sonoff dongle.

I don’t want to pair all the devices again. Although currently I have limited number of devices connected, but I am planning to expand the network and cannot do the hassle to resetting all devices and pair them again with the dongle.

Is there a way to make it start working and establishing a connection between devices and dongle again without resting or doing anything with the devices?

Please see below the screenshot of Map:

Please let me know if you need any further information to support.


Suggest instead post to Z2M issues → Issues · Koenkk/zigbee2mqtt · GitHub (I believe that you need to restart Zigbee2MQTT (or its zigbee-herdsman dependency) if you unplug an replug Zigbee Coordinator USB dongle when it is running, but if that does not work then might be a bug in Z2M or zigbee-herdsman).

Thank you Hedda. I restarted the Mosquitto and Zigbee2MQTT and it started working. One Aqara motion sensor did not rejoin the network which I paired again.

Thanks for helping me out.

Bttery powered sensor are usually slow to rejoin so might simply have started working again if waited longer or just unplugged and replugged the battery once all Zigbee Router devices are back online. Regardless suggest also read and follow to make sure have enough Zigbee Router devices to get within good range of the battery operated devices → Zigbee networks: how to guide for avoiding interference and optimize for getting better range + coverage