Unraid + Cloudflare

I just moved my HA (supervised) instance from a VM running on a QNAP NAS to an Unraid VM instance (restore from qnap to unraid went without a hitch BTW). With the old setup, I was using a cloudflare tunnel directly into my instance which worked great. Now that I am on Unraid, I am hosting a few more apps in docker containers so my thought was I could just delete the cloudflare addon in my HA instance and create a single tunnel into unraid to access all my apps. I am able to connect to the docker apps from the outside but when I try connect to the my HA instance,I see the HA logo popup for a second and then get a 400: Bad Request error. In cloudflare I am mapping https://ha.mywebsite.com to Any idea what wrong or do I have to have a tunnel into my HA instance? Iā€™m a bit of a newb to all this.

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I have the exact same issue. Did you manage to solve it already?

I got it to work actually after a few search on the forum. It seems you need to authorize proxies to connect in HA configuration.

So in configuration.yaml you need to add:

  use_x_forwarded_for: true

And in the IP lists you need to provide the ones used by cloudflare servers, you can find the entire list here

I hope it helps :smiley:

Thanks, will give this a try. In the interim I just recreate my tunnel direct into HA so its working fine