UnRaid Monitoring

I look forward to this feature too.

where are you telling it your ha ip or mqtt ip?

or unraifd ip…looks likde your running it as a custom component

not a custom component, just a python script run as a command_line sensor. Because the disks.ini file is accessed through a mount point, the only place the IP is coded is in /etc/fstab where the mount point gets created upon reboot.

i like it. thank you

I got this working in docker by doing mapping a container path /emhttp to the host path /var/local/emhttp

the INI files in that director are constantly updated I bet I could write a few scripts to monitor other stuff.

Thanks for this.


I’m no programmer at all but i’m looking to find something like the synology monitor platform

but then for my unraid system

Whats the easiest way?

Anyone? Or is this dead?

I have a python script on my unraid server pushing data from the disk.ini flies to mqtt and then HA.

It isn’t tidy but has been running for about a year without issues.

I will look to tidy it up and share it if anybody is interested.


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I’m interested and would very much welcome your component.
Thank you

Can i do that, so it updates the stats from glances on unraid, only when its up?
if its not up, then show latest value

the space of the disk array is a must :stuck_out_tongue:

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great! I would be interested too!

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can you share your config for the dashboard?

My dashboard is written specifically for Home Kit Infused or Dwains Theme however the code is available on my GitHub and could be easily ported to your needs

Anyone been able to get this ported to something us mere mortals can use ? I’m no coder/mqtt expert by any means.Tried following the github instructions but got nowhere. Amazing work though @noodlemctwoodle !

are you referreing to noodlemctwoodle cards or this monitoring application?
if it’s the application, all you have to do is install the container in unraid, which is in the community apps section and then use mqtt auto discovery in HA.

If you want any help just ask the question I’m happy to assist where possible. :slight_smile:

I am using Glances, UnraidAPI and Monitor Docker in combination.