Unrecognized presence sensor

Hi I have bought this sensor (Moes Light and Human Presence Sensor 5.8GHz ZSS-QY-HP Zigbee compatibility), but it was not correctly recognised by ZHA. I do not see any entities. Also please notice that it has been identified as TS0601from _TZE200_jva8ink8 but it should be TS0601 | _TZE200_ikvncluo | _TZE200_wukb7rhc | _TZE200_holel4dk based on the page above. Could someone advice me what should I do, this sensor should be supported.

What is in there?


There are just these two entities:

Any advice here please?

I have found that zha-device-handlers/zhaquirks/tuya/ts0601_motion.py should be the correct quirk, how can I use it?

Ok, I got the sensor working. I have downloaded the zha-device-handlers/zhaquirks/tuya/ts0601_motion.py file and updated this part

class MmwRadarMotion(CustomDevice):
    """Millimeter wave occupancy sensor."""

    signature = {
        #  endpoint=1, profile=260, device_type=81, device_version=1,
        #  input_clusters=[0, 4, 5, 61184], output_clusters=[25, 10]
        MODELS_INFO: [
            ("_TZE200_ar0slwnd", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE200_sfiy5tfs", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE200_mrf6vtua", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE200_ztc6ggyl", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE204_ztc6ggyl", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE200_wukb7rhc", "TS0601"),
            ("_TZE200_jva8ink8", "TS0601"),
        ENDPOINTS: {
            1: {
                PROFILE_ID: zha.PROFILE_ID,
                DEVICE_TYPE: zha.DeviceType.SMART_PLUG,
                INPUT_CLUSTERS: [
                OUTPUT_CLUSTERS: [Time.cluster_id, Ota.cluster_id],

by adding following line ("_TZE200_jva8ink8", "TS0601"),

Than I placed this file to /config/custom_zha_quirks and added following lines to configuration.yaml

  custom_quirks_path: /config/custom_zha_quirks/

I will try to get this change to ZHA repo so next time this would not be necessary for the sensor.

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