Unstable? Use HA4 with NabuCasa. Need to shut down power and restart several days. Any familiar?

Hi, still new and also a bit confused. My system can be down and not reacable from remote UI (NabuCasa) from evening one day. Next day it´s reachable again (after system power off)

HomeAssistant core: 2021.9.5
Supervisor: 2021.09.0
Host: HomeAssistant OS 6.3
Use SSD drive and have powersupply with 3A and backup battery

Logfile show this regarding printscreen, issues with power or connection?: ESPHome, AdGuard and UniFi

Is it available locally?

None of those warning messages are related to your issue. I can’t quite tell from your description, but if you’re seeing issue where your Pi is becoming unresponsive, it’s usually a power or thermal issue. If the SSD is powered from the Pi, then I recommend using a dedicated power supply for it or a powered hub. You didn’t say which Pi you’re using, but 3A is usually okay on a Pi4 with no peripherals, so you’re probably overloading it if you’re also powering peripherals from the Pi.

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Usually the minimum is 3.5A with an SSD

Hi Mike and thanks for info.

I´m using Kingston SSD (5V, 1A) direct on Pi4. External powersupply (Dacota) with powerbank and 3A power to Pi. Is this causing trouble? Any solution for actual powerecuipment i need?

Thanks Rob!
I´m using SSD powered directly from the Pi. I´ve also got to antennas powered directly from Pi. Where else do i connect antennas? Nothing else connected other than ethernet cable.

There are 2 power supplies connected to the pi? I use a single 3.5a power supply with an argon case. Which ssd connector are you using?


By “antennas” do you mean dongles for ZWave/Zigbee? It’s fine to have those directly connected - the point is to avoid directly connecting devices with high power requirements like SSDs.