Unstable zigbee network

My zigbee network doesn’t seem healthy. There is noe green lines, mostly red and grey. how do i go about to troubleshoot and maybe fix this?


The question is, is it working?

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Yes. It is working, but it takes a while before the devices react…
Found a post about shutting down home assistant so the devices enter panic mode, and then when home assistant restarts the network is beeing rebuilt

Since the network is changing constantly you may well find that it improves matters initially, then over time it settles down into a state similar to the one it’s in now.

The next thing to try might be to add a couple of “repeater” routers - that is routers that don’t do anything else.

I’ve found this quite helpful (and yet another thing to obsess about :roll_eyes:):

The individual numbers don’t mean much, but you can see them change minute by minute as the network adjusts, and identify routers that have a consistently poorer signal. Adding a “repeater” nearby can lift the quality of the whole network.

Thank you for your feedback. Do you have any repeaters to recomend?