"unsupported installation" after updating supervisor

I am running HA on a Raspi3, installed HassOS via an image years ago. As the system was working, I didn’t update for a long time, HA is on 0.103.3. Thought it’s time to update and started with the supervisor… and now I’m in the "You are running an unsupported installation. " mode… under “learn more”, the list of issues is rather long:

Supervisor doesn’t see the OS, only shows “Docker version 17.06.0-dev”.
I never messed with the OS or other components, completely relied on what was installed via the hassio image and updates triggered through the UI… I suspect my OS is just outdated? I’m not very experienced with linux systems… the links on these issues keep sending me towards the “convenience installation script”, decorated with “This installation method is for advanced users only”

What’s the best way to get this fixed? Do I really need to start from scratch with a new image?

Thanks in advance for any help!

Unless there is some other reason for concern and everything is working as expected then i don’t see any reason at all to worry about the “unsupported” message.

It’s unusual that you are getting those warnings given that you are using Home Assistant OS. It’s supposed to manage all that so you don’t.

In contrast, some users of Home Assistant Supervised are getting some of those messages (including me) because they have installed it on Ubuntu or Arch Linux or some other distro. Only Debian is officially supported for Home Assistant Supervised.

FWIW, I would not count on its stability if it report those messages. My system runs HA Supervised on Ubuntu and it has been reporting ‘unhealthy’ for the last few days and today it crashed (first time ever for me).

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Thanks Taras and finity.

I can’t update HA or any of the plug-ins, SSH being quite outdated as well I don’t think I have much of a choice. Maybe I’ll try a clean set-up from scratch, using more of the UI options and less config file edits, it seems a lot has changed since I started with HA…

I got the “Supervisor is not privileged” message after the latest sup upgrade as well, which prevented me from upgrading HA. A reboot of the host (Ubuntu 20.04) fixed it, however.

Thanks roddie. Unfortunately, neither “reboot now” not cutting power for a while helped here…

An issue was raised on github. But it was closed with the following response. Run installation script and reboot. Unfortunately this hasn’t helped me. Have you guys tried running the installation script ?

I didn’t run the installation script (that is the "convenience installation script”, I assume?) after reading the big disclaimer "This installation method is for advanced users only”. Pondering if to start from scratch or try the script…

Edit: Gave it a try with installer.sh:

[warn] The following is missing on the host and needs
[warn] to be installed and configured before running this script again
[error] missing: systemd network-manager apparmor docker dbus
Seems the script can only fix HA, but not the dependencies that are the actual problem…

Having the same issue running Home Assistant OS (not sure if hassio or hass OS) on a raspberry pi, haven’t done any modifications with the pi if I recall correctly.

This is what I’ve on “Supervisor”

Having the exact same issue on my rpi3B after installing supervisor 2020.12.6 with home assistant version 0.118.2. I also wasn’t able to run the convenience script either and got the same error as Klaus above. It also appears to be blocking snapshot restores.

Your system is running Resin OS 2.3.0+rev1.

This appears to be ancient. Which version of Home Assistant is it?

Did I miss this update haha? I did setup everythinf about 3 years ago

The home assistant version is 0.117.6

That may explain why your installation has been identified as being unsupported and unhealthy. The version of Supervisor and Home Assistant is recent but the underlying operating system (and docker) is not.

I have no idea if there is an upgrade path from ResinOS to the latest version of HassOS. You may need to perform a completely new installation of Home Assistant OS. The good news is that it’s a fairly quick procedure. However you will need to have a recent snapshot so that you can restore your configuration.

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Yes that was the script. If I understand correctly, the supervisor won’t update if it believes that the system is in an unhealthy state.
After reading through the errors that you posted. I would recommend making a snapshot of your system and installing one of the supported OS’s. That reloading everything back.

I have the same issue. I run HASSIO, so it should update itself, but I don’t think is has been. I’ve attempted a few things go get it going but no success. I am going to start clean now; its been a while