Unsupported manufactorer when adding Aqara P1 to Zigbee2Mqtt


I’m trying to add an Aqara P1 sensor to my Zigbee2mqtt setup, the device is added to my network but it states that the manufacturer is unsupported and is now able to recognise any of the sensors.
I already have the older version of this sensor working without any issues. I’ve also already updated the firmware of my Conbee II that I’m using as gateway.

Anyone has a magic trick for this?


Force remove it and try pairing closer to the Conbee to rule out low signal/interference.

I’ve already removed and added several times, with the device touching the Conbee sometimes :confused:

What version number of Zigbee2MQTT?

What version number of the ConBee firmware (newer firmware has problems)?

For Conbee firmware I got it from Index of /deconz-firmware/ and got the most recent one 26780700 (from 2022 May 15th though).
For Zigbee2MQTT I have the 1.18.1-1, I think it is up to date also.

Your Z2M is way out of date. Make sure you have the correct repository.

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In fact, I just notice that there are more recent versions of Zigbee2MQTT in the repo, I’m not sure why wasn’t automatically updated.

After updating the Zigbee2MQTT I’m not able to add none of the motion devices, not the Aqara P1 neither the old ones.

I have the same problem…

I have some of the “old” p1… works great…

Now trying to add a new P1…
Unsupported is reported in Z2M i HA…

My Z2M should be up to date:

Zigbee2MQTT version

1.23.0-dev commit: 6394d0f

Coordinator type


Coordinator revision


Coordinator IEEE Address


Frontend version


You are possibly on the incorrect repository. Current version is :