Unsupported system - Can't see anything in the logs

Guys, been cleaning up my repair list, but can’t seem to make headway with this. Its been there for a while now.

I have looked through the logs, but don’t see anything obvious. Is there anything I should be searching for in the logs?

I am running HA on a Proxmox VM.

Are you running HA Supervised or OS in the VM?

Home Assistant Supervised? It also has the OS (10.2).

Supervised is extremely restricted. You can not run any other software.

Did you install some non-add-on Docker image ?

I didn’t think I was running any other software. I installed it via a script onto proxmox quite a while ago can quite recall the ins and outs now. Is running supervised on proxmox not supported?

Only the ones from the add on store.

According to your screenshot, you are not running supervised but HA OS. And it is difficult do install anything on HA OS

I install everything via the GUI. Add-ons, HACS, updates and so on. I thought that was ‘supervised’.