Unsupported system - Network Manager issues

Hi, I’m running supervised HA installed in Ubuntu Server via installation script. The Ubuntu is running in Proxmox, but this should not make any difference.

Today, after several weeks of running HA, the “Unsupported system - Network Manager issues” message appeared.

Few days ago, HA failed to install update due to “Failed to call service update/install … no host internet connection”. The “ha network info” reported “host_internet: false”. It looked like my NetworkManager does not include configuration for the real adapter but only 4 connections named “Supervisor ens18” every with different UUID. I added a new connection for the ens18 interface, the host_internet became true and I was able to install the update.

But today the host_internet is false again. In HA / Network Manager page there is an example, which contains one connection for Supervisor in the “default” file. I’m not sure, if the 4 connections that I have are required are causing the problems. These 4 connections has same id, but different UUID, some of them has fixed ipv4 address, the other one method=auto, etc. It looks like there are connections are totally wrong.

Any help would be appretiated.

That’s unsupported. The ADR is quite clear that only the latest release of Debian, currently Bullseye, is supported.

Yes, I know. But how should the NetworkManager configuration look like, so HA likes it? I have only one ETH port.

The problem is that you picked the wrong OS, it’s likely that you’re going to have more problems even if you can solve this one.

If you have to run on Ubuntu then just use Container, or create a VM and use HAOS. Continuing to use Supervised isn’t going to work out well.

Actually I started with HA in docker on NAS, where I learned it is rather difficult to maintain addons. Then I tried HAOS on NUC but it doesn’t support the Bluetooth in my NUC. Therefore I ended on Ubuntu Server, because Ubuntu desktop is my preffered linux OS.

Btw, I deleted all connections in NM and created the default one as described in HA. After activating it the HA is happy now. Unfortunatelly, even this connection is configured to auto-connect, it does not connect after restart. This is the reason, why it once worked but after I restarted the server it stopped working again. I still need to fix this.