Unsupported system - Unsupported software

I have debian 10 installed on my computer. On it docker and HA. For some time now I’ve been getting a message in HA:

System is unsupported because additional software outside the Home Assistant ecosystem has been detected. Use the link to learn more and how to fix this.

Please suggest how to fix this and make HA fully supported? Below is my docker list.

Debian 10 is unsupported, I think, so you need to update to Debian 11.
Look up the method on google. It is mostly a set of apt commands you need to run combined with a few restarts.

Mistake. I have version 11.5

What does the link say?

Unsupported software - Home Assistant (home-assistant.io)

Ahh, so it does not have to be a container that trigger the message.
It can be some other software installed on the Debian system.

If it is a docker container, then Portainer is the most common issue.
It was supported once and is no longer supported.

The screenshot shows 9 containers and all are related to Home Assistant. If there are more what are they?

It detected there are containers unrelated to Home Assistant: owncloud, jdownloader-2, etc.

Your choices are:

  1. Uninstall containers unrelated to Home Assistant.
  2. Leave the unrelated containers and live with an unsupported system (you won’t get official support, only unofficial support in the community forum).

So I can only have containers with HA??

Can’t I have other software from docker??

Correct. If you want official support (i.e. from the development team) your system must be supported.

Not if you want official support.

OK. Thank you for explaining the problem.

Do we have any “official support”?

BTW it’s unjustified that the existence of another docker container marks the system as unsupported.

“Official support” is the support provided by the development team such as for Issues posted in Home Assistant’s GitHub repositories. I have seen Issues promptly closed for unsupported systems.

The development team determines what constitutes a supported/unsupported system. From what I have seen, it’s based on minimizing support issues. For example, some docker containers interfere/overlap with Supervisor’s operation (like Watchtower) so they are rejected. That’s just one reason that I am aware of and there are probably more.

Thank you for the explanation.
What confuse me is who provides support to whom :slight_smile:

What I feel is, there is no official support at all. There is an official forum (official just because it lives under the official domain) and GitHub to report issues.

Forum is where support is provided by users, not by devs (mainly) - thus ‘not supported’ is meaningless here.
GitHub is to report issues not get any support. I understand that devs might reject some requests, but they do that also for fully supported platforms for the same reason.
I hope they do not reject legit issue reports just because a reporter is using a so-called not-supported platform.

FWIW, here are two examples of recent Issues closed because the system was unsupported. There are undoubtedly others but it’s a bit tricky to find them (searching for ‘unsupported’ produces many discussions about unsupported devices, etc).

Yeah, in the first case, I have no expertise if it couldn’t be helped by HA devs. But writing ‘Report your issue to Linux server’ doesn’t sound friendly. I would expect an attempt to help in how a user could add the required lib on his own.
We will see if there is a change to change the wording reported in the second issue.

Just to make it clear I understand that HA devs cannot support an infinite number of platforms and their combinations and respect that.

Trying to do bug hunting on a system in unknown state is nearly impossible and generally adviced against.
If you ever seen Windows’ Blue Screen Of Death, Amiga’s guru meditation, Linux’s kernel panic, then you have seen a system in an unknown state and how the developers of those system handle it.
Many times the system could actually keep running, but it is just unknown when and what the outcome might be, so they fail instantly instead to be sure the state is returned to a known one.

It’s not the developer’s responsibility to solve problems for unsupported systems. That’s the very meaning of “unsupported”.

In this particular case, the user was instructed to seek assistance from the author of the container they were using. The container was missing a required library and the container’s author ought to be informed of it.

responsibility? In fact devs have no any responsibility. Incl „supported” systems. It’s up to their interest and free will.

But we are drifting away from initial „official support” term, while imo it doesn’t exist in this exact meaning.