Unsuppported operating system

I am disapointed…
Until now, I have an ubuntu 22.04 machine and home assistant is installed with the supervisor using docker.
For each release, I received a warning because ubuntu is not a supported operating system.
For the latest version of H.A, I recevied 3 warning and I can’t do the update.
So I can’t no more update my system ?
Is my only alternative is to install a virtual machine on my host and run H.A on docker so at least two indirections ? Is that other alternative ?
I don’t understand why the operating system is so important for non hardware based application ?
I thanks a lot for all developpers for all the work and H.A is a very nice application.
So, please tell me what can I do for updatting my system even ubuntu (debian based) is not a supported o.s.
Is that a possibility that ubuntu becam a supported os ?
Please send me good news !

What are these warnings? Running unsupported does not block updates. Running unhealthy does, does one say your system is unhealthy? If so click the more info link and follow the instructions to fix it.

Supervisor has many dependencies on the host is. It assumes the host and docker is setup in a particular way with particular services running. If not then many features break in unexpected ways that can cause the system to crash.

Not unless you want to do the development required to make it work and maintain it.

Ubuntu has lots of differences from Debian. They may not be obvious to users but to software deeply hooked into the os there are a lot of them. I have hit a bunch of them myself in my testing and others have hit more.

Challenges related to Ubuntu was one of the main drivers for this post a while ago. In the end it was decided that supervised can remain but with a much more constrained (and continuously evolving) set of requirements for what makes a supported system. The requirement to start with Debian was the first (and probably most important) one.

If you or another user wants to step up and maintain Ubuntu as a supported os for supervisor and addons that’s one thing. But no one seems to (which is honestly understandable since it’s a lot of work) so the definition of a supported supervised system needs to be tightly scooped to the resources available.

Many thanks to take your time to provie a response to me.
From yesterday I have two remarks:

  1. Unsupported system. Operating system
  2. Unsuported system. Systemd journal issue.

I know I run an unsupported operating system.
Because english is not my mother tongue I would like to know what exact disadvantage I have If I run an unsupported os.
Is that no more possible to get the latest version of H.A ?

Is my only solution is to make a backup, run virtual box, install a Debian VM and reinstall H.A ?

Many thanks for your help.

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