Unsure How to Remove Native App Cloud Access

I have some Tuya Smartlife WiFi smart plugs which I have had to register and install via the Smartlife app.

I understand that there is a way to continue using them within HA whilst removing the devices from the manufacturer’s cloud servers for better security.

My problem is I can’t find out how to do this. I have tried signing out of the app but I’m pretty certain that still leaves the devices talking to their servers. So then tried uninstalling the devices from the SmartLife app once they were already showing on my network and in HA via the Tuya integration, but that just rendered them unusable and undiscoverable.

Can anyone please advise the best steps to get the result I’m after?

The current core Tuya integration relies on cloud access to the devices.

There is a beta integration being developed by the Tuya team, but at the moment that too relies on cloud access to the devices.

If you want local control you could use this custom integration:

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Thanks for you help @tom_l

I think I will look into the localtuya integration and give that a go.

It worries me that I have deleted the Tuya app a couple of times and when I’ve reinstalled it automatically remembers my WiFi login details so I need to get rid of that ASAP

Are there any resources you know of on how to improve security of HA devices?

Keeping them out of the cloud is a good first step.

There are so many devices that there is no real guide.

You can make rules in your router’s firewall to block access to certain servers (another complicated topic that depends on your specific hardware). Or use Pi-hole or similar.

Other than that there’s this general advice:

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Thank you for your advice @tom_l

Once we move to local, can we remove the device from cloud? Or is it still needed for other purpose? I am wondering how to not have every device doubled since I still need cloud for a few devices. I can disable but it still eats up an entity id.

Yes you can.

What’s the best Way? If I remove from smart life it becomes unavailable from my tuyalocal.

There’s no way to delete from the integration itself.

Maybe unless I edit the .storage files?

Unfortunately I don’t use either of those integrations so do not know.