"untrusted proxy" "400 Bad request" problems

Hi. I have a problem with a single person that can’t access my Home Assistant from his smartphone, when using mobile data.


  • I don’t have any peculiar set up, no proxies or reverse proxies that I know of
  • I can access just fine, from internal network and from external, from PCs and mobile phones and tablets
  • this one person with the problem can also access fine from internal network (wi-fi)
  • but when using mobile data to access the app (keeping the same URL) he sees “400 Bad request” on the screen
  • and at that same time I see these errors in homeassistant.log:

ERROR (MainThread) [homeassistant.components.http.forwarded] Received X-Forwarded-For header from an untrusted proxy

  • that IP address belongs to Vodafone which is the GSM operator he uses. The value is not completely static, but always seems to be in the range 213.30.118.*.

I’ve seen configurations that supposedly solve this:

… but they don’t let me specify a range, only specific IP addresses…

But most importantly, I don’t think this should be happening at all :exclamation:

Can any kind soul please explain what is going on? Why would one phone get blocked? My own phone uses the same GSM provider and works fine…