Unused Card stopped working

For a few years, ive been using this very basic card to list all the entities on my dashboard that are currently “unused”

As of 2023.4 however it has unfortunately stopped working. I know that I cango Edit Dashboard > Unused Entities, but i like to see at a glance on my “test” lovelace view what entites I am not making use of in my dashboards as I can then either hide them, or use them.

Any help on how I can fix this is much appreciated

Thank you

Open an issue with the third party card developer. Issues · custom-cards/unused-card · GitHub

Not sure Ian is interested in updating any of his 3rd party cards since starting with NC though.

Thanks Tom
I’ll drop a message on the GitHub but to be honest, I could see it had never really been maintained (I suppose it is so simple it never needed maintenance mind) so was hoping that it was just something very simple that I could edit in the source myself.

Thanks again