Unused entity table, how to format the theme of it

So I have a theme I love, but the unused entities table is not readable, looks like background and text is what in it (apart from the odd icon).

I was going to try and edit the theme then tried to inspect the elements involved in the table and it blew my mind.

How can I make the unused entities in the below visible, happy to change font colour or background colour but the inspect tool didnt clear anything up for me:

I thought adding:

mdc-data-table__cell: '#7F848E'

to my theme might help but as it didnt work I guess I was just blindly guessing:

try adding this to the theme:

card-background-color: "var(--paper-card-background-color)"

Mwah!! Thanks!

@Matt_Barnes Can you share your theme though? It looks nice.


It’s from here. Not had a big play with it yet but will probably make a different background image but it makes a big improvement I feel:


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Apparently I’m just supposed to push the heart button instead of posting “Thanks!” because it’s too short.